Building Permit Guidelines

  • Design criteria must meet either the International Residential Code or International Building Code requirements for our wind and seismic loads.
  • For projects using the International Building Code, the seismic design area is “D” and the wind speed may be obtained at the WindSpeed website.
  • For projects using the International Residential Code, the seismic design area is “D2” and the wind speed may be obtain from the above website or by using the maps on the State of South Carolina LLR website

  • All plumbing, electrical, mechanical and gas must be installed per the International Codes (Respective Discipline Code) and drawn/annotated on floor plan of new buildings or additions.
  • The Town of Summerville building ordinance states-Construction documents shall accompany permit application and shall contain all information required by the adopted codes. Construction documents shall be prepared by an architect or engineer properly licensed (Design Professional seal) within the State of South Carolina. Detached residential structures that are one story in height, 800 square feet or less and maintains a 7/12 roof pitch or less and non-habitable to be permitted without a “Design Professional” seal. Attached residential structures 300 square feet or less, open porch additions, with or without roofs, or deck additions will not require a registered architect or engineer’s seal.
  • Contractors and/or subcontractors must be properly licensed in the State of South Carolina for the scope of work performed and obtain a business license with the Town of Summerville.
  • Mobile homes must be rated for Wind Zone 2 which went into affect in 1995. If a mobile home is moving from one location to another outside or within the Town Limits, it is no longer grandfathered and must meet wind zone requirements. A flood elevation certificate is required for set-up of a mobile home on specific lots in Creekside MHP.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certification. All activities disturbing more than 6 square feet of interior or 20 square feet of exterior painted surfaces in a pre-1978 residence (single or multi-family) or child occupied facility (day care facilities) are regulated by the EPA for lead paint.

On Site

  • Permits must be posted in an inspection box.
  • The reviewed/stamped plans from the Town of Summerville must be on site and in an inspection box for all inspections - this includes rafter truss / floor joist plans.

  • Job cleanliness
  • Silt fencing must be properly erected in order to have inspection.
  • If permit and plan are not on site, the inspection will not be performed. A second violation will result in a $50 re-inspection fee.

  • Other documentation required:
    • Window data (installation and design pressure)
    • Garage door data (installation)
    • Installation instructions for
      • Water heater
      • Thermal expansion tank
      • Pre-fabricated fire places
      • HVAC units
      • Down draft stoves
      • Etc.


  • Listing of required inspections.
  • Contractor is required to provide ladders at site to perform inspections - rough ins and finals.
  • Temporary power will be authorized once all inspections up to this point are complete and a completed subcontractor list is submitted and all of the subcontractors are current with State and Town of Summerville licenses and/or registrations. The subcontractor list must be approved prior to issuing Certificate of Occupancy.
  • For commercial project - all required special inspection reports shall be turned into building official before Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

Subcontractor List

  • Subcontractor list must be submitted for every permit.
  • The subcontractor list is attached to this packet.