Forms & Applications

Notification of Change Form

Any change to business information (business name, owner(s) location, mailing address, telephone number etc.) is required to be reported to the Business License Office within 10 business days of said changes. Submit the Notification of Change Form.

Emergency Contact Form

This form is required for all new businesses and for all business license renewal for businesses located in the Summerville town limits. Please be aware that the Summerville has an ordinance imposing fees for false alarm. Submit the Emergency Contact Form.

Home Occupation Special Use Permit 

A business license will not be issued for a home based business until the Home Occupational Special Use Permit has been submitted to and approved by the Planning and Economic Development Department. If you are renting the home a notarized letter from the home owner granting permission for the business to be operated from the property must be attached to the permit application. Submit the Home Occupation Special Use Permit.

Special Event Business License Application

To apply for a Special Event Business License, click here

(We recommended saving this link for future use.)

First-time users will need to register for an account.

  • Click the grey “Login” arrow in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Then choose REGISTER NOW

  • Create an account for your business. Do not select anonymous.

  • Once finished, you will be directed back to the Home page.

To apply for a Special Event Business License:

  • Under Business Licensing, click Apply for a business license.

  • For the type of application, select Special Event License.

  • Select In-Town if your business is physically located within the Town Limits of Summerville; otherwise, select Out of Town.

  • Fill in all the required fields. Required fields are indicated with a red mark next to them.

  • You will be asked to provide your vendor type (Arts and Crafts, Food and Beverage, Other). Food and beverage vendors will need to provide an estimate of gross receipts (sales) for the event. There is a 2% Hospitality Tax that will be assessed on the estimated gross sales. 

  • Once complete, click Submit. 

The Town of Summerville will review the application and then approve or return it to the vendor for further information. Once approved, the vendor will receive an email advising that the application has been approved and is ready for payment. 

Once approval has been given, the vendor will log back into the account and click on Make A Payment. Once on the payment screen, enter the payment information (debit/credit card or E-check) and click submit. Once payment has been rendered, the Town of Summerville will upload a PDF copy of the license.

To print the license, log back in, click on View My Requests, then click on the license number. Click on the Documents Tab and select on Special Event Certificate.pdf

If assistance is needed, contact the Town of Summerville Business License Office at 843-851-4215. 

Minority Business Registration Form