About Us

Summerville Parks and Recreation LogoThe Parks and Recreation Department of Summerville is dedicated to offering high-quality facilities and leisure opportunities to both residents and visitors. We take pride in our programs and facilities and we are confident that you will find an activity or facility that suits your recreational needs.

Strategic Plan

View the Parks and Recreation Department Strategic Plan (PDF).

Mission Statement

The Town of Summerville Parks and Recreation Department’s mission is to improve the quality of life and overall wellness of residents through the creation and provision of safe, healthy, beautiful, and harmonious park facilities and diverse leisure opportunities in a sustainable and fiscally responsible manner.


Maximize the safety of participants through consistent facility inspection and risk minimization.


Provide a wide variety of leisure and recreational opportunities, thus encouraging healthy, fulfilling lifestyles.


Constantly strive to improve the appearance of the Town through beautification and natural conservation efforts inside our parks. 


Foster a positive atmosphere within the community by working seamlessly with other Town officials and outside organizations.